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Power Wheelchairs 
Transfer Lifts
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Seat Mobile do Brasil, founded in 2007, is a company specialized in producing and commercializing power equipment for people with disabilities, special needs and for the elderly. Our products are designed to provide the highest quality with the best value for our customers, featuring the newest technologies available, in partnership with national and international suppliers that have been selected according to the strictest concepts of quality. As our plant and our commercial office are located in São Paulo, our production capacity and logistics are optimized, and combined with the most advanced industrial park in the country, which offers the latest machinery and tooling, we can guarantee the quality and regularity of the technical specifications. Our technical team has a highly skilled product engineering with extensive experience in the market segment we operate, meeting the needs of our customers quickly and promptly, and aiming at excellence in quality and satisfaction of our distributors and end-users. Our Customer Services - also located in São Paulo - is highly qualified to meet the technical and commercial demand directly, giving assistance not only in the indication of the adequate product to each special need, but also in the final product or components for immediate replace, besides the recommendation for the correct and safe use of our product line.



  • Be a market leader in the businesses we operate, working individually or in partnership with other companies, offering excellent product quality and creating solutions for the customers’ needs with the best added value and cost-benefit.

  • Concentrate joint efforts of all employees and suppliers in the search for new technologies and continuous improvement of processes and final products for our customers and users.

  • Our values are grounded on flexibility, honesty and integrity of all our collaborators, valuing human competency in order to exceed the quality of management and the expectations of our customers.



Phones: 55 11 2281-6234 / 55 11 3477-3498

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